Telemedicine In Developing Countries: Unlocking The Potential Of Technology In Healthcare

Telemedicine in Developing Countries is still in a growing stage but it has immense potential. The way forward for telemedicine in Developing Countries looks promising with the presence of many start-ups and a supportive government. There is a need for complete clinic management solutions that can be provided by telemedicine.

Currently, telemedicine is being used to provide consultation, store and maintain records, and even for second opinions. The future of telemedicine in Developing Countries looks bright and it has the potential to completely revolutionize the healthcare sector.

Telemedicine is not just an online consultation with doctors/practitioners. It is a comprehensive delivery of healthcare services that use IT/ ITES, from diagnosis to patient journey, remote monitoring, and beyond. There is a wide variety of services available in the market, such as self-care monitors, disease screening services, and store & forward real-time patient information.

Telemedicine existed even before the Covid pandemic. In fact, it was one of the newest trends in the healthcare ecosystem in Europe and other countries around 2018–2019. Little did we know that 2020 would bring an explosion in remote consulting and that it would become an integral part of healthcare. In 2005, the health ministry of Developing Countries set up a Telemedicine task force, an important milestone in increasing awareness of digital consultation.

Telemedicine might not be the cure-all for patient problems, but it will definitely improve patient access in situations where distance is the critical factor. It largely depends on the disease area, therapy, and severity, but telemedicine will definitely make a difference.



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